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It is also used for non-actual events (future events, hypothetical events, etc). (18) gives an examples of the irrealis theme plus agreement marker used for a present event of unbounded duration. 21 These sentences were a response to questions I asked my consultant, Bomman, about whether his people gather honey from wild beehives in the forest. 18) b) wand pott kayttnu, wand a riyo, tissoa ... e. 27) In (20), it is used for behavior that was characteristic of the subject in a past time frame.

Therefore, this grammar is not clearly situated in any one theoretical framework, although it does draw upon some theoretical concepts in so far as these enable a clearer description of a particular phenomenon or set of phenomena in the language; thus, my discussion of phonology incorporates aspects of Generative Phonology (distinctive features, rule ordering) and Lexical Phonology (division in morphophonological levels). 18 Chapter 2: Verbs Verbs in Betta Kurumba (BK) are those words which take verbal suffixes such as subject agreement, tense/aspect, mood, and certain non-finite verb markers.

23 In contrast, when this root is used with other inflectional suffixes it has the meaning ‘stop moving’ or ‘get into an upright position’ (28c). /-na/ is also used to encode stative meaning (rather than perfect aspect) with other positional verb roots like ba ‘lie down’ and kur ‘sit’; however, these roots can take other inflectional suffixes when referring to the state of being in a position. dur-3sg. 4. dur-sg. P497) bass wand yd nimska dda bass wand ydu nims-ka -d-a bus about five minute-dat stand-rlf-3sg “The bus stopped for 5 minutes” (Elicitation.

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