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E-book: Poetry - W.B. Yeats Coomentary

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The second printing, in UI (28 May I892), added 'An incident from Kickham's "Knocknagow"' and Yeats's note remarked that the ballad founded on this incident from Knocknagow was probably in its turn a transcript from Tipperary tradition. C. J. 7 penal servitude in 186s, and released after four years. He wrote ballads as well as the novel Knocknagow (1879). Yeats read Knocknagow when he was collecting material for RIT and included items from it in that volume. He also used material from it in WO.

CK) penal days : Penal laws against Roman Catholics existed in 2 Ireland after the 1 56o Parliament but 'the amount of persecuting statutes in Ireland was actually small compared to England' (HI 224). 7. 9. 3 shoneen: Yeats's footnote read 'upstart'; his note was longer: Shoneen is the diminutive of shone (Ir. Seon). There are two Irish names for John- one is Shone, the other is Shawn (Ir. Seaghan). Shone is the 'grandest' of the two, and is applied to the gentry. Hence S honeen means 'a little gentry John', and is applied to upstarts and 'big' farmers, who ape the rank of gentleman.

4 Grey Truth : in his teens Yeats began occasionally telling people that one should believe whatever had been believed in all countries and periods, and only reject any part of it after much evidence, instead of starting all over afresh and only believing what one could prove. (A 78) ; 7 A Commentary on the Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats 7 He had grown to hate science 'with a monkish hate' (A 82). He had made himself a new religion : almost an infallible Church of poetic tradition, of a fardel of stories, and of personages, and of emotions, inseparable from their first expression, passed on from generation to generation by poets and painters with some help from philosophers and theologians .

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