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The SAVE key saves a File, but does not close it. Saving With a New File Name (Save As) Press ALT + SAVE to save edited work with a new File name. The Editor will prompt for the new name; type it in, followed by ENTER. Exit The EXIT key performs several functions: 1. EXIT will cancel (or abandon) some machine operations; 2. EXIT will abandon a File without saving it. " will appear if a File has been altered but not saved. The operator may then: • Press SAVE to save and exit; or • Press ALT + SAVE to save with a new File name and exit, or • Press ENTER to exit without saving; or • Press UNDO to cancel the exit operation.

A common use is to allow an entire file to be adjusted in only one channel, for example to adjust the relative level of a caller on the Left track and a DJ on the right. 0 DB Performing a Set Gain with a Gain Value of 0db is equivalent to undoing all gain edits within the selected range. When using Set Gain it is unnecessary to use UNDO to restore the previous value before trying another Gain value; just repeat the edit with the new value and the specified Gain will be placed on the selected range.

A 1,000 Hz tone or silence can be selected in the DIRECTORY PREFS menu. Further information on Bleep is presented in the Miscellaneous Operations chapter. Shortcut 2000 Editor Owner’s Manual Page 40 Editing Undo an Edit Operation The Undo function will remove the last Edit operation. As such, it is valuable for fixing mistakes. Remember that only the last edit operation can be Undone. Operations that can be Undone include: CUT, INSERT, BLEEP, INSERT RECORD and certain ERASE functions. If uncertain about what the last operation was that will be Undone, hold ALT + UNDO to display the last type of edit performed.

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